Links Associates expands to Serbia

Business, Comm & Politics, PR

Links Associates, strategic communication, Public Affairs consultancy and PR company, opened a branch in Belgrade, a regional expansion that is part of company’s development strategy.

Serbia showed its pro-European option and will became, for sure, a hub for West Balkans business. We carefully analyzed the Serbian market and we consider this country has a significant potential. The pre-adheration talks will determine structural reforms in administration and economy, will attract the attention of the big investors, will professionalize the media market and will  need a professional management for European pre-adheration funds. Romania already made the journey Serbia is making the first steps in now and our company has the background and the expertise our clients will need

Corina Vintan,

CEO Links Associates.

The launch of the Serbian branch is part of a more expanded development process at European level, with the main objectives of Links Associates now being 2 capitals, Belgrad and Bruxelles. During the last few years, Links Associates had an important number of clients with interests and projects related to European politics, that made its presence constant and necessary in Bruxelles.

Links Associates has significant expertise in sectors such as energy, telecom, retail, real-estate, pharma, tobacco, heavy industry, mining, insurances and agriculture. In Serbia, we are looking mainly towards domains with effervescence and future such as IT, agriculture, real estate, telecom etc. We are convinced that we can bring  know-how and added value on an emerging market like Serbia both for international clients and Serbian clients

Corina Vintan.

Links Associates already hired, for its Belgrad office, a new business director,  Aleksandar-Jon Stefan.

Serbia needs communication agencies with a portfolio that covers projects with European stakes and themes, and that is why the presence of Links Associates in Serbia is needed. For the moment, my objective is to connect Links Associates  with Serbian investors market.  The fact that Links Associates included me in the team is an honor

Aleksandar-Jon Stefan.