Mobile operators and their ad campaigns in Romania in H1 2013

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Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote, the main players on Romanian mobile telephony market, are among the advertisers investing the biggest budgets and having the highest ad volumes in H1 2013 .

MediaTRUST analysed their media visibility considering the 3 mentioned operators also received, in June, ANCOM licences to use radio frequencies. Moreover, Orange and Vodafone announced reaching to an agreement to share the network infrastructure.

According to a mediaTrust study, Orange had the most aggressive ad campaigns in H1, with 22,249 commercials broadcasted during the first half of the year. Vodafone ranks second, with 21,040 adds, while Cosmote ends the platoon, with 11,590 ads

Between January 1st- June 30th, the 3 operators mainly advertised on TV (44,390 commercials), than on radio (9,805 ads) and print (684 advertisements).

Orange Romania is the operator with the biggest number of ads (22,249), with an estimated rate card value of EUR 59M. Orange chose to carry out its advertising campaign mainly on  Antena 1 (2,039 commercials), (1,780 commercials) and Romania TV (1,636 commercials). During the analyzed interval, Kiss FM radio station aired 1,621 advertisements, and PRO FM, 817 advertisements.

When it comes of Vodafone Romania, it broadcasted 21,040 TVCs with an estimated rate card value of EUR 34M.  Most ads were broadcasted on Antena 2 (2,668 commercials), GSP TV (2,569 commercials) and (2,146 commercials). Kiss FM radio station aired 1,127 advertisements, and PRO FM, 971.

Cosmote had 11,590 ads with an estimated rate card value of  EUR 30M, most on them broadcasted on PRO TV (2,208 ), Antena 1 (1,787 ) and (1,377 ). Kiss FM radio station aired 1,621 advertisements, PRO FM, 817, and Radio 21 aired 639 advertisements.

Report’s conclusions were made after monitoring 1,6M ads that ran between January 1st – June 30th 2013, on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations and 200 central publications. From the ads broadcasted in the mentioned period, over 75.000 were for telecommunications sector.