Gemius: Standard banners remain most popular online ad formats in CEE

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Standard banners remain the most popular online ad formats in Central and Eastern Europe; the highest click rates are scored by pre-roll banners, top players and interstitial ones, according to AdMonitor study, made by Gemius.

Standard banners are used in 84% of online campaigns in CEE. The countries where these banners are used the most are Romania, Letonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Standard banners are also frequent in Croatia, Slovakia and Czech Republic and exceptions are Poland and Ukraine, where the number of campaigns using this format is smaller than region’s average.

According to the study, Pre-rolls, top-players and interstitial online ads are the ones that score the highest click rate. In Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria, the highest average click rate (Average Click Through Rate) was registered by pre-roll ads. On the other hand, top player banners are the most used in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Letonia, while interstitial ones are most popular in Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. An exception from this rule is Hungary, where the highest CTR was score by Wallpaper-type banners.

The analysis included online advertising campaigns monitored by Gemius in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Letonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary. The rankings include data from the second half of 2012 .