A campaign to raise awareness among Romanian women on dangers related to mugging, signed by Mercury360

Ads, Creativity

Mercury360 signs, for Romanian Police, a new campaign – ‘The Purse” – aiming to raise awareness among Romanian women related to the danger of them being mugged.

The agency’s insights show that women don’t see themselves as potential victims, even though they represent the majority of those being mugged. Also, women become targets as they carelessly expose their valuables on the street, without thinking their accessories can catch the eye of robbers.

“We used the temptation of an attractive purse to give potential victims a glimpse of the unseen risk they expose themselves to every day. Just as women were going out, we caught their attention with what seemed an advertised purse, which led to see the trauma to which an eye-catching bag can lead to”, agency’s representatives explain.

Mercury360’s team working on this campaign included:

  • Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
  • Art Director: Daniel Strugariu
  • Copywriter: Ruxandra Papuc
  • Planning Director: Adrian Chiuhan
  • Other Credits: Birdy Communications