Doncafe launches a new campaign in Romania

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Doncafé launched a new communication campaign in Romania, targeting women that drink instant coffee. The campaign continues the platform “Your Doncafe moment” and brings to life a new emotional story that completes modern woman’s portrait, explaining Doncafe’s role in her life. The campaign is signed by McCann Worldwide’s team.

doncafe ad still

The new campaign builds up on the platform “Your Doncafe Moment”, launched last year. The difference between the 2 campaigns starts from the product: instant coffee is much easier to make and gives you the energy boost you need during a chaotic day, when you don’t know what to do first. The discussions with instant coffee women consumers confirmed us that “the instant moment” is perceived as being shorter than “roasted and ground coffee moment”, but is at least as important and intense exactly because it helps keeping up an alert rhythm we need every day. To put it short, when you have millions of things to do, you also need a moment for yourself to de-connect and reconnect. And here’s where Doncafe intervenes.

Diana Ceausu,

Head of Strategy McCann Erickson.

The campaign runs until the end of September and includes TV, print, online, cinema and a PR component.

The team that worked on the campaign includes

  • Sebastien Grousset – director
  • McCann’s team coordinated by Dana Hogea
  • Strauss Romania: Razvan Mircea – Marketing Director Strauss Romania, Madalina Mitru – Senior Brand Manager Doncafé, Andreea Zlate – Research & Planning Manager and  Lucian Nistoroiu – On-line Brand Manager.