2Parale: Who earns money from affiliate marketing in Romania?

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Around 5% from the Romanians that use affiliate marketing are earning over RON 2,500 (@Euro 600) every month staying at home. This amount is way over the value of the medium salary in Romania.

Social networks and blogs are the most used promotional channels in affiliate marketing, according to “Affiliate in Romania – 2013” study made by 2Parale, biggers affiliate marketing network in Romania.

The study includes answers from 851 Romanian affiliates an were collecte online by 2Parale, via a questionnaire, between March 29th – April 28th 2013. Until now, over 25,000 Romanians tried affiliate marketing via 2Parale.

The characteristics for people that make money online with affiliate marketing: young people aged 18-34 y.o, with superior studies (university or higher), unmarried and male. Bucharest is the top region where affiliates live (24%) and is followed by Iasi and Timis counties. Over 3/4 affiliates (82%) make money at home and over half of them started their affiliation in 2013.

Affiliate marketing gained ground on Romanian market and the results of this study confirm the trend. As proof is the big number of Romanians that tested the sector this year. We are talking about people that live exclusively from affiliation, by specialists that shaped themselves during the last few years and by jobs dedicated to this sector. Only at 2Parale, over 280 online stores and companies have affiliation programs that generate sales and results, but also incomes for the affiliates in the network. We estimate a 2 digita increase for the companies that will use this online marketing method

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Parale & 2Leva

The top domains promoted by affiliates is leaded by online stores and Fashion advertisers (54%), followed by electonics (52%), IT&C (48%), books (39%) and cosmetics (39).

In selecting the advertisers to promote, affiliates take in consideration the fee paid for each sale and the reputation, followed by available promoting tools and the category of advertisers.

The most used promotional methods are social networks (61%), that gained ground during the last year and are accessible to a bigger number of internet users via search engines, SEO (40%) and PPC (27%), used mainly by people with experience when it comes of online marketing.

Social networks are preferred by 54% affiliates as online channel to use in affiliate marketing, with personal blogs and niche websites completing the podium.

Most affiliates earn, on monthly basis, under RON 100, but 5% of them manage to get, each month, more than RON 2,500; almost a quarter of respondents don’t have other income sources and bet exclusively on their affiliation income.

Over 50% of the affiliates reinvest certain amounts to get even more consistent money: almost a third reinvest between 1-20% from their affiliation incomes and 11% use 61% of their income for the same purpose.

The study was made with support from Refresh.ro and Zelist Monitor.