Little London Becomes Avenor College with Storience


The school year begins with a new rebranding by Storience ( the Little London kindergarten and school become Avenor College. The rebranding marks the ten-year evolution from a small kindergarten to a large educational institution comprising a kindergarten, primary and secondary classes, and, from 2015, a high school.

The rebranding project began in the spring of 2013 with a brand audit, followed by strategy development, the creation of a new name and visual identity, the design of a new website ( and the design of various communication materials and signage.

The name Avenor comes from avenir (French for future) and avenue, creatively suggesting the way to the future. In conjunction with the new brand slogan, “Creators of Future”, it talks about the passion of faculty and school managers for raising youth who are well-developed on all levels (academic, social, emotional and physical), and who are able to take on an unpredictable future

Stefan Liute,

Strategy Director Storience .

The Little London name and identity, suitable for an institution that began as a kindergarden, had lagged behind the reality of their life, just like clothes on a child who turns into an adolescent. The new Avenor College identity provides the maturity and the prestige that older students need to feel proud of their school

Adriana Liute,

Managing Partner Storience.

Our goal has been reached: we have a new name with great potential, one that is full of meaning, British-sounding yet meaningful in other major languages, easy to remember with a positive vibe, and able to take you to a place where you really want to learn and live. We really found ourselves in this new name

Diana Segarceanu,

Executive Director Avenor College.

The Avenor logo, in the form of a star with many colorful stripes, symbolizes a crossroads: the space where different and beautiful individualities meet and shape. These are the children, parents and teachers from Avenor, together building a genuine community. The Avenor star also suggests creativity, because it combines symmetry and asymmetry, freedom and order, white space and colors, to create a symbol as vibrant as the life of the community.

For Storience this is the second rebranding in the education industry after Shakespeare School, a winner at the international competition Transform Awards 2013.

 Along with the rebranding, Avenor College also inaugurated a new campus building, built at occidental standards.

The project team:

  • Brand audit, strategy and naming: Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute, Maria Dumitriu
  • Creative Direction: Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute, Andrei Robu
  • Identity Design: Andrei Robu
  • Web design: Alexandru Gugurel , Doru Sana
  • Front-end design: Stefan Gugurel
Storience is the branding agency that builds consistent and captivating brands, much like stories with a red thread. Founded in July 2012, the agency portfolio already comprises over 20 clients from professional services, healthcare, FMCG, education, constructions and construction materials, interior design, retail, and non-profit. This year, Storience won a Bronze at Transform Awards 2013, a prominent European competition for rebranding, repositioning and brand transformation.