Mediafax Group buys Stefan Iordache’s shares in Romanian affiliation network 2Parale

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Mediafax Group takes over Stefan Iordache’s shares in Romanian affiliate network 2Parale, the first and biggest affiliation network in Romania, and becomes minor shareholder of the company, according to a press release published by Mediafax.

The transaction will be closed by the end of the year and will be assisted by the lawyers from Biris Goran.

At this investment round, Sergiu Negut (partenr Wanted Transformation, ex-Deputy CEO&Board member Regina Maria) also participate and he will become minor shareholder and member of 2Parale’s board. Dorin Boerescu remains CEO and the majority shareholder

e-commerce is a strategic direction for Mediafax Group, an important component of our transformation from a classic media company into one adapted to our times. 2parale’s success in covering the market, their efforts in educating partners – both stores and affiliates -and the management team convinced us to join and contribute to growing this business

Orlando Nicoara,

General Manager Mediafax Group.

The partnership with Mediafax is a natural stage in 2Parale’s evolution, given the position of the 2 companies on the markets they are active. Together with them, we will intensify the efforts of educating the market and to increase the portfolio, consolidating our position on performance marketing market, both in affiliation and in pay-per-click. Together with the strategic association with Mediafax, we are also in advanced talks to attract growth capital – opportunities are seriously high and we want to profit of the good moment we are in

Dorin Boerescu.

I became shareholder in 2Parale trustful in network’s development potential. I am glad to see this potential generated results and 2Parale consolidated its status as leader of affiliate marketing market. I am convinced that, also in the future, the evolution of the network will be one at least as good

Stefan Iordache,

COO Leo Burnett Group.

Through the partnership with Mediafax Group, 2Parale becomes the only affiliate network used by Mediafax’s portfolio of websites, that reach 1.5M duplicated visitors each day and over 6M unique visitors per month.