“Share it to Stop it”, Avon campaign against domestic violence in Romania


Avon Romania and Starcom Media Vest launched, in October, the 1st campaign of sharing against domestic violence.

avon share it

The message of the campaign is relayed through the voice of 5 Romanian male celebrities, namely Cornel Ilie, Razvan Fodor, Leonard Doroftei, Catalin Stefanescu and Andi Vasluianu, and through the voice of campaign’s ambasador, Andreea Marin.

The abuse exists in silence. Telling the story of an abused woman, you help other women. When you keep silent about domestic violence, the abuse can continue endlessly. Share it to stop it brings violence in the spotlight aiming to stop it, to offer women hope and courage examples

Raluca Kisescu,

Marketing Director Avon Romania and Moldavia

The campaign includes ATL components, but also the first video without end for the song “Their Loss”, signed by Vunk

“Share it to stop it” is part of Respect campaign, initiated by Avon in 2008. This is the second social initiative from Avon Romania, after Breasts Health Campaign. Through this initiative, Avon aims to be close to Romanian women that are victims of domestic violence, both by campaigning against domestic violence and by supporting the counseling and shelter centers dedicated to women that are in this situation.