Mercury 360 signs “Pass On” for Romanian Traffic Police

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Mercury 360 made a new campaign for Romanian Traffic Police, running under the tag line “Pass on”.

According to agency’s representatives, the campaign is founded on the idea that children imitate their parents with what they do, including when it comes of parents’ actions related to traffic. “If grownups don’t respect pedestrian crossing rules, nor will the children and the bad habits will pass on, endangering little ones’ lives. The poster campaign targets parents by being displayed in parent-tutor meeting rooms in schools and kindergartens in Bucharest.”, Mercury360’s representatives stated.

Pass on_3_finala

Campaign’s credits:

Brand: Romanian Traffic Police

Campaign: Pass On

Ad’s titles: Pass On

Advertising Agency: Mercury360 Bucharest

Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu

Art Director: Daniel Strugariu

Copywriter: Ruxandra Papuc

Photography: New Folder