Vodafone’s Digital Library, available for 30,000 Romanian high-school students

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30,000 Romanian pupils in 200 high-schools all over the country have free access to the books in Vodafone’s digital library and are able to consult them on mobile or tablet, no matter the mobile network they are in.

The students can download one of the 100 titles available directly on their mobile or tablet by scanning a QR code from Digital Library.

By the end of the year, the number of high-schools / colleges in Romania will the library is available will reach to 300.

The Digital Library in high-schools/colleges is a social digital initiative supported by Vodafone Romania and BookLand. The titles are from the school schedule but not only and are offered by 55 Romanian publishing houses 

 The new stage of Vodafone Digital Library was developed by Vodafone Romania together with BookLand and McCann Erickson Romania.