Publicis Bucharest, together with Dacia at Gaudeamus, for the 5th consecutive year


Publicis Bucharest works with Dacia, for the 5th year in the row, communicating client’s participation and involvement in Gaudeamus, the biggest international book fair in Romania.

We appreciate the leadership Dacia showed during the last couple years by associating with the most important Romanian cultural events and we are happy to be close to them to George Enescu International Festival, French Film Festival and, more recently, to Gaudeamus International Book  Fair

Catalin Albu,

Client Service Director Publicis Bucharest.

Communicating the 8 years old partnership between Dacia and Gaudeamus follows its course this year also, but now with a new approach. The adventure in BookLand is another creative interpretation of lecture as source of information, an intertwine  between real and fantasy worlds, a travel in unexpected places where the book appear to be the perfect vehicle for imagination and the travel partners are book’s characters


It is one of the projects we hold close to our hearts, that we always expect anxiously. Every year, before the brief comes, starting as early as August, we are already thinking about the possible angles to approach this project. We strongly believe in the cause Dacia supportss, we believe in reading as inspiration source, we believe that people should read more and we hope our message will bring them to Gaudeamus and closer to books

Catalin Albu.

The essence of the campaign is also caught in an interactive Facebook app, “Travel to Bookland”. The user is invited to follow a literary itinerary with 10 destinations from books known to the large public. To reach the final destination, the user must answer correctly to the questions popping up in each place. All those who finalized successfully the itinerary enter a draw that can see them winning 10 packs of books and 2  eBook Readers Trekstor.


The campaign is running between November 14th – 24th, with the winners to be unveiled on November 25th, on Dacia’s website and Dacia Romania’s Facebook page

Moreover, Publicis created for Dacia stand at Gaudeamus the app “Story Characters”, based on Kinect tech, offering children the chance to become their favorite characters and put on, virtually, story costumes

The team working on the campaign included:

Publicis Bucharest: Razvan Capanescu (Chief Creative Director), Dan Frinculescu (Group Creative Director), Mihai Costache (Copywriter), Paul Goti (Art Director), Catalin Paduretu (Art Director), Raluca Bararu (Art Director), Corina Marin (DTP), Marian Moise (DTP), Calin Buzea (Digital Director), Ciprian Frunzeanu (Digital Art Director), Elis Iaia (Digital Strategic Planner), Alina Tanase (Digital Account Manager), Alecsandra Apostolescu (Digital Copywriter), Marius Farcasanu (Flash Programmer), Catalin Albu (Client Service Director), Clarisa Rosu (Account Director), Luiza Vrinceanu ( Senior Account Manager), Victor Maier (Account Executive), Costantin Bunica and Tiberiu Bucovei -Developers

Dacia Romania: Cristina Vaduva (PR Specialist – Dacia’s project supervisor for Gaudeamus), Anca Oreviceanu (Communication Director), Luiza Domnisoru (Chief PR Service), Viviana Popescu (Chief Marketing and Advertising Department).