Andreea Raicu, image for an Oriflame perfume in Romania


Andreea Raicu is the image of VIP Night perfume, in the newest campaign made by Romanian independent agency Sister for Oriflame Romania. By signing the campaign, Sister enters the cosmetics niche.

The TV ad introduces viewers in VIP Night perfumes universe and in the spirit state that defines it. Everything pulsates around the preparations for a bright evening, around the moment when the woman looks into the mirror for the last time and dreams to be the center of attention for one night, a VIP for those around, for herself and for her universe.

Perfumes, clothes, all that is related to fashion ans style in general is not promoted under the rules of classical advertising. Here, communication is conceived different and looks different. Messages are transmitted more subtle,  many times via a way of feeling. In Romania, perfumes advertising doesn’t yet has a school and tradition. So that a project like VIP Night is the test of maturity for any communicator. But Sister proves that it can reinvent easily even in a domain hard to confine within the classic rules, such ours is

Stefania Marian,

Marketing Director Oriflame Romania

Sister is an agency with almost 9 years of activity behind. After you underwent more stages of the professional and personal evolution, you start get your strength also from other things. From surprising challenges, from the pleasure of a well done thing, but also made a bit different – this creates the fuel needed to feed the enthusiasm of a mature team. We thank Oriflame for this opportunity and for the trust they showed us. For Sister, this partnership remains a privilege

Alexandra Tinjala

Managing Partner Sister

Campaign credits: 

  • Oriflame Romania: Stefania Marian & Denisa Marculescu
  • Sister: Alexandra Tinjala & Nicoleta Pena
  • Director: Bogdan (Hypno) Moldoveanu
  • Production House: Multimedia Est
  • Music: Marius Lefterache