Medic One, two lines or about a woman’s fight with herself


“Two lines” is a theater play written “on demand”, after an idea that came from Medic One – health communication agency -, and is part of plays’ schedule at Godot Cafe in Bucharest.

The play focuses on abortion and contraception, a very sensitive subject that only art could present it in a good manner. The play is part of the educational platform about contraception “Smart Girls Circle”, launched in 2011. This year, the strategic solution was represented by theater, with Lia Bugnar being the one that wrote the script, chose the cast and directed the “Two Lines”

I considered very good the idea of this project from the very start and I accepted to write immediately after I was told about it. And than I realized that it’s not an easy task. In a country like ours, that’s fed up with propaganda, it isn’t easy to try something like this in a place where people pay for the ticket, no matter how appealing the subject is. Abortion is a very intimate subject and it isn’t hard to harass the spectator with it. In a representation room, probably one out of 2 spectators have, in some way, a relation with the subject (…) For some, it is a painful subject, for others – an embarassing one, for some it can be even a tabu or indecent subject. That is why I tried to talk about it in an extremely accessible way and without making it seem like the main subject of the play

Lia Bugnar,


The fight of a woman with herself when an abortion happen it is a lost battle from moment 0. Smart girls must learn not to enter battles that they cannot win. Moreover, smart girls are sharing their knowledge in diverse ways. This is how this unconventional campaign was born. The main communication channel is theater and the actors involved in this project became fighters in the battle for a better education when it comes of contraception

Oana Cociasu,

Managing Partner, MedicOne.

Play’s cast includes Marius Manole, Medeea Marinescu, Ilinca Manolache, Anghel Damian, Irina Antonie, Catalin Babliuc and Istvan Teglas .