RTB House launched its operations in UK and Ireland

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RTB House – an international technology agency developing its in-house tools for buying ads in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) – continued its overseas expansion by launching its operations in UK and Ireland. Robert Geruszczak, an experienced associate of American businesses such as RCI and Apple, is in charge with developing of the service in the mentioned areas.

UK and Ireland are 2 new Western European countries where the company launches, after Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy 

Since Ireland and Great Britain have high business potential, we are very glad to mark those two on our range map. I am certain that with such an experienced person as Robert is we will soon be talking of our first projects conducted on these markets and another success of ours in this part of Europe

Daniel Surmacz,

Chief Operating Officer RTB House 

Geruszczak has been working in IT and advertising industry for over 14 years. So far he has supervised sales teams of RCI on European markets. Moreover, he worked for Apple Inc. for several years, where he was in charge of sales process in German-speaking countries, Italy and the UK.

RTB House_Robert Geruszczak

Building sales resources for such innovative services and business development on markets I am familiar with is a fascinating professional challenge. I am particularly happy about the opportunity to take part in establishing a strong international presence of the company

Robert Geruszczak

RTB House operates in 29 countries in Europe, Asia and North Africa and aims to intensify its activities in Scandinavic countries in the near future

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