Social media, a more affordable advertising tool, also for online casino industry

Social Media

Many companies pay millions of Euro every year to advertise on TV and in print, as TV and print ads are expensive when one wants to get prime places to reach their target audience. The high costs for traditional advertising made social media extremely appealing also for online casino industry, as they can promote themselves and be seen by millions of people while paying a fraction of what TV and print costs.

Moreover, social media insures fast feedback for anything, with people that one tries to sell his products to reacting immediately via different types of social media websites.

As Facebook and Twitter imposed themselves, by far, as the two biggest social media websites in the world, every single company, including from online casino sector, has a page or an account on both of these networks, posting regularly updates related to their offers, novelties and products.

When it comes of online casinos (such as, the social media tools represent a great way to spread the word on new games just being release or offers a certain casino is coming up with for its users. Due to the fast real time reactions in social media, the release of a new game, when announced on Facebook and Twitter, attracts instant feedback from people, mainly when it comes of them enjoying to play it or not.

Another social channel for online casinos to target interested publics is YouTube, reaching to consumers mainly with demo videos showing the way the games are played. These videos also help getting instant feedback for games. When it comes of online casinos, they can use this channel to show just released games and the way they can be played in a fast and easy manner.

In the end, online casinos use the social more for generating buzz and spreading the word than for classic advertising and, if they know how to master this medium, they will attract new customers, provided that their games look good and prove fun to play.