Romanian Cable Direct to handle advertising strategy and sales for UTV

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Starting March, Cable Direct will offer consultancy in implementing the advertising sales for Utv and Utv HD and will work with UTV, agencies and advertising clients to create sustainable partnerships for Utv’s special projects.

Utv positions as the most daring musical TV in Romania and its target public includes young people aged 15-35 y.o., with high education, medium and high income, open minded, looking for adrenaline and with a passion for good music.

Cable Direct will add to its portfolio channel’s website and will handle the advertising sales on it also.

We are happy for the new partnership and we are convinced of UTV’s potential, and we base that on our previous experience with musical channels. By consolidating Cable Direct’s portfolio with UTV, we will offer our clients attractive solutions to implement their communication strategies targeting young people 

Bogdan Lazarescu,

Sales Director Cable Direct 

Anca Pascu, previously part of New Line Media House team, will be Traffic Manager Utv and maintain the relation with the advertising clients.