Diesel’s spring-summer campaign, under “We are connected” tagline


Nicola Formichetti’s vision as Artistic Director of Diesel continues to evolve with the campaign for Spring/Summer 2014. Building upon the viral and groundbreaking FW13 #Dieselreboot campaign, the team searched the globe for gangs, cliques, families, and tribes in order to find creative microcultures that represent the bravery and ingenuity of the Diesel brand.

The search lead to discovering an assortment of bold, inspiring, intriguing individuals with outstanding personal style and artistic points of view. Artists, musicians, models, writers, editors, students, and Internet creatives chosen for the campaign all share the same ideals – to promote artistry, to live and be accepted as oneself, to reject the status quo, and to change points of view through imagery.

When put together as groups, the chemistry between the diverse cast helped manifest iconic portraits of style gangs: bikers, cyberpunks, Asian stars, icy blondes, Japanese street-style teens. Disparate backgrounds united by strong points of views led us instinctively to the phrase “We are Connected”  – the tagline for the campaign.

 Campaign credits:

Art DirectionNicola Formichetti

PhotographersInez and Vinoodh

CastVal Bird, Charlotte Carey, Robert Nelson, Ricki Hall, Consuelo De Santis, Chloe Mackey, Aktio Nara, Carly Caparros-Janto, Dorith Mous, Solomiya, Jillian Mercado, Hirari Ikeda, Ryu Goda, Gavin Lindemouth, Abdul Kircher, Kesewa Aboah, Kirsten Kilponen, James Astronaut, Ming Xi, Jessica Miller, Wouter Schipperen, Paris Roberts, Nik Hampshire