2 Romanian agencies close a 2 years partnership for Smart Lead Generation

Business, Marketing

Romanian Open Public Services (OPS) and Friends Advertising entered a 2-years partnership aiming to develop an integrated solution for communication strategy and ROI maximisation when managing direct marketing campaigns.

After working on 2 projects that are in development stage, OPS and Friends decided to bring together their expertise in a common effort dedicated to companies with entrepreneurial vision.

Smart Lead Generation (SLG) is defined as the first Romanian solution for optimization of the direct sales feed, aggregating complex elements of communication strategy, branding, e-commerce, logistics and data base management.

SLG is the answer to the higher and higher pressure from the market on the distribution system, within the emerging companies that sale merchandise that can be also sold directly. To put it in a trivial way, if your merchandise is good and deserves to be distributed at national level, it doesn’t worth opening a store with Euro 100,000 and spend annually another hundreds of thousands in marketing and distribution operations. SLG can offer you a perfectly sustainable system, after a set-up that needs an approximately 3 times smaller investment

Sorin Tranca,

Founder Friends Advertising

The purpose of the partnership is to generate a plus of customer value and integation with realizing the perfect mix between direct marketing, focused on measurability, and cultivating a direct relationship with the consumer, ROI systematic maximization, creativity and know-how offered by an advertising agency highly experienced in creating local businesses.

After almost 20 years of logistics and direct sales, we can say that the next step is to start to open markets. The last years showed us that, where there will be entrepreneurial capacity, we can deliver extraordinary results. We would be very happy to also see Romanian capital in this game of efficient results, as our clients outside Romania are happy to follow a smart, measurable and correctly built lead generation process

Onut Coaca,

Founder OPS 

As a secondary effect, Smart Lead Generation (SLG) aims to transform the paradigm of logistics management in domains like insurances, beauty, health care, auto, pharma, clothes & accessories and also e-commerce and promotional activities.

OPS – Open Public Services – is the biggest direct marketing company, with almost 20 years of experiences and over 100 employees.  It is the only Romanian company able to deliver complete services during the entire direct marketing process (from campaigns’ management and optimization until fulfillment), having as strong points logistics and the competence of engineers and programmers in data bases related matters.

Friends Advertising is one of the most known Romanian independent advertising agencies, founded 11 ago around the creative team Bojan Spasic – Sorin Tranca. Friends Advertising worked, over time, for hundreds of clients and campaigns for brands like Silva (Heineken Romania), Delikat, Dero, Sunsilk, Knorr, Bayer, Canon CEE, Fan Courier, European Drinks, Rigips Romania or Philip Morris International. Friends sums up in an efficient manner the strategic thinking, creativity, branding and communication competences and expertise.