An interactive Window of Hope, launched by Dorna as part of “Care for children” campaign

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Fereastra de Speranta

Dorna, a Coca-Cola Romania brand, expanded this year its promise to support premature born babies and their mothers and created the first interactive window in Romania, Window of Hope. This initiative is part of “Care for children” campaign, developed by Dorna together with Save The Children Romania and aiming to improve the care conditions for premature babies.

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Starting April, in one of Bucharest’s hospitals, the window that separates mothers from the IC unit where premature babies are   became Window of Hope. The window shows, in real time, encouraging messages for the mothers, that can be send by people from all over Romania via

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Since it was installed, in the beginning of april, the Window of Hope relayed over 1,000 encouraging messages to mothers that had premature babies.

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