Updated: Attempt for Guiness’ longest mobile conversation in Romania, from Vodafone


(adds info on the result of the attempt)

The 2 main characters in Romanian Vodafone RED campaign, Alin and Andreea, tempted to beat the actual Guiness record for the longest non-stop phone conversation. They started talking on Tuesday at 13.00 (Romania time) and they stopped 38 hours and 8 minutes later.

This week, Vodafone Romania and the protagonists of the new Vodafone RED campaign announced their attempt to beat the world record for the longest phone call – of 54 hours and 4 minutes.

The call was broadcasted live through video streaming, on Vodafone Romania’s Facebook page, within the app “Love without limits“.

The attempt was initiated by Vodafone and its Romanian creative agency, McCann Bucharest, as part of “Romanians have initiative” series. The protagonists of Guiness Record’s attempt are also the protagonists of the new Vodafone RED communication campaign, Alin Popa and Andreea Dragoi.

The call started at noon, on July 8th.


To be ratified as record, the attempt must fulfill a series of criteria like not repeating conversation subjects, each participant must contribute to dialog and not make pauses longer than 10 seconds, the conversation must make sense and “Yes / No” answers aren’t accepted, the conversation is translated simultaneously so Guiness experts can follow it, the call must remain active between pauses and, if it’s cut, it must be reconnected in top 30 seconds, participants can take 5 mins breaks after each full hour of conversation and are allowed to drink and eat during the call, mobiles can be kept charging during the entire event and the participants can use a list of discussion subjects and public can come up with proposals.

The new ad for Vodafone Red subscriptions is part of the “Romanians have initiative” communication campaign. The campaign is built around real characters, that tell their stories and explain the way Vodafone services improved their lives.