New communication channel to target over 12M fans of Romanian artists

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ThinkDigital launched, in collaboration with Hit Yourself Consulting, the platform Celebrity Audiences through which, for the start, 35 bands and Romanian artists can be involved in digital communication campaigns. The artists that are involved in the offer presented at the launch of the platform have, together, over 12M Facebook fans (duplicated), and adding to those are the ones on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or their personal blogs. As a communication mix, Facebook is essential and dominant, with over 90% reach.

Brand endorsement advertising is supported also in a study commissioned by ThinkDigital and Hit Yourself Consulting and made by Quantix Marketing Consulting. The study shows that fans are extremely open to ad messages posted online by their favorite artists, especially when these messages are relayed via social media.

According to the research, only 14% fans are bothered by ads within videos distributed online, on Facebook or YouTube. Young people aged 12-18 y.o. is the most receptive to well built messages: 32% say they aren’t bothered at all by commercial messages they see on Facebook or within internet videos in which their favorite artists appear. The study (realized between May 22-28 and which gathered over 4,000 answers) also shows that a third of the fans consider it ok for artists to be promoted by brands and brands by artists. Almost half of the respondents are appreciating the companies supporting their favorite artist.

The original content produced online by artists for their fans is like a new form of media, which isn’t exploited by brands in a structured manner. Our initiative comes to meet the clients and media and PR agencies and offer them a flexible and easy to use tool, an unique contact point and a standardized way of work

Dragos Stanca,

Managing Partner ThinkDigital Romania.

Artists’ endorsement is very important within the mix that will insure the success of the campaign running on this innovative communication channel. For example, 30-35% organic reach numbers are normal on artists’ Facebook pages, and companies that will use this intelligently will have gains

Florin Grozea,

Founder Hit Yourself Consulting.

According to Quantix Research, the categories perceived by public as being closest to artists are music and music accessories (56%), fashion (46%), free time, pubs and restaurants (43%) and gadgets (37%). Also, there are also mentioned categories like auto, telecom, food and drinks, and companies with activities in this sector can also capitalize through online communication on celebrities’ social platforms.