DDB Chicago campaigns for State Farm’s Discount Double Check

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DDB Chicago signs a new campaign for State Farm’s Discount Double Check, scheduled to start on August 24th, with a high-profile placement during the MTV Video Music Awards. The integrated campaign marks the start of a relationship with Lorne Michael’s media and entertainment company, Broadway Video Entertainment (BVE) and its Saturday Night Live properties as SNL celebrates its 40-year anniversary. The new relationship offers these two iconic American brands an innovative way to merchandise their brand equity.

The campaign includes for new TVCs featuring SNL favorites Hans & Franz (Kevin Nealon & Dana Carvey) and Richmeister (Rob Schneider), 20 years after these iconic characters have come out of the SNL vault. Also, the campaign includes huge digital and social branded content push with search and social media-relevant online videos that will reach consumers without taking them out of the moment and a “Double Check the Archives” consumer promotion.

Richmeister Steves Kid

The new commercials and branded content build upon the success and expand the reach of previous work that resulted in Discount Double Check becoming part of the current pop- and sports-culture lexicon. The Discount Double Check move and terms like “grill class” have transcended the advertising world and are frequently used in social media and personal conversation.

Aaron Rodgers will continue his three-year relationship with State Farm and the Discount Double Check, appearing in two of the four new spots. The campaign will focus on the broader general market, while continuing to appeal to the football/sports audience.

Campaign Credits:

DDB Chicago  for State Farm

  • CCO: John Maxham
  • GCDs: Barry Burdiak & John Hayes
  • Chief Digital Officer: Joe Cianciotto
  • Group Strategy Director: Gustavo de Mello
  • Group Business Director: Penn French
  • Director of Production: Diane Jackson
  • Executive Producer: Scott Kemper
  • Producer: Luke LiManni
  • Director: Hank Perlman (Production Company: Hungry Man)
  • Editor: Cutters (Grant Gustafson, Matt Walsh, Aaron Kiser, Patrick Casey)
  • Finishing: Filmworkers (Rob Churchill, Daniel Pernikoff, Derek de Board)

Richmeister Creative Credits

  • Creative Directors/AD: Kurt Riemersma, Mike Porritt, Andrew Bloom
  • Creative Directors/CW: Matt Ben Zeev, Frank Oles, Nathan Monteith
  • AD: Chris Bruney
  • CW: Nick Novich

Hans& Franz Creative Credits

  • Creative Directors/AD: Brian Boord, Andrew Bloom
  • Creative Directors/CW: Chad Broude, Nathan Monteith
  • AD: Chris Bruney