Romanian Retail Convention: Romania, 2nd in EU when it comes of retail growth

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Expo Media, member Marketing Insiders Group, brings in focus the newest trends in retail for the second edition of Romanian Retail Convention, scheduled to take place on October 1st, at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

According to Eurostat studies, in June, Romania posted a 10% growth in retail, compared to the same period in 2013, and ranked 2nd in the top of growth for the countries in EU,  after Luxembourg (12,9%). At EU level, non-food products sales increased 3.5%, and food, drinks and cigarettes sales went up 1.8%.

During Romanian Retail Convention, Expo Media brings together speakers with strong impact in Romanian retail. The line u of speakers includes Stefan Liute – Strategy Director Storience, Gabriel Pavel – Sales & Marketing Director Romanian Business Consult, Radu Batrinu – Marketing Director Flanco, Cristian China-Birta (Chinezu) – blogger and online entrepreneur, Radu Tanase – General Manager & Partener Calif.

To maintain the ascending trend of the profile market, retail players must be prepared for modern client’s demands: more cautious, more connected – verifies info from more sources – and more versatile. At Romania’s level, 41% buyers are digital consumers, compared to 62% at global level, according to an Ernst & Young study.

In the light of the latest demographic changes and considering the development of the new client segment, the spread of the new retail formats and the closer collaboration between retailer and producers, year 2015 and those following are announcing to be full of challenges and opportunities. These challenges can be approached with solutions of information technology (which refer to mobility, big data stocking, online integration, externalizing processes). We must understand these new directions and to apply international solutions in the environment of the local markets

Gabriel Pavel,

Sales & Marketing Director, Romanian Business Consult.

Romanian retail market focuses obsessively on just one single need of the consumers: prices as low as possible. I don’t underestimate at all the importance of this aspect for the average Romanian that enters a store, but I think that, in the future, the differentiation generating profits (both for retailers and brands) will come as a result of a more balanced preoccupation for more types of needs, others than the lowest possible price

Stefan Liute,

Strategy Director, Storience.

The conference is supported by Romanian Business Consult (Gold Partner) and Customer Service School and Mystery Shopping Agency – Supporting Partners.

Romanian Retail Convention has media support from retailers, AdHugger, IQads, Retail-fmcg, Doing Business, Marketing Portal, Romania Libera, 9AM, Business Live and MediaTrust.

Event’s full agenda is available here, along with supplementary information regarding the event.