Belts and boobs – main stars in a Romanian campaign aimed to convince drivers to wear the seat-belt 

Ads, Creativity

Romanian Automobile Club (ACR) decided to drop the classical approach when it comes of road safety education, as it fails to convince the drivers, and embraced a new and buzz generating approach proposed by the advertising agency Publicis Romania.

Publicis Romania had the idea of a campaign that would transform the boring seat-belt in a cool and sexy item, impossible to ignore. The agency  conceived a viral campaign on Instagram, tackling the seat-belt problem in an unconventional way.


The campaign uses 2 women’ passions – selfies and being sexy – to convince drivers to wear the seat-belt. Moreover, the campaign suggest that, in case of women, the seat-belt might make them even sexier, as it becomes an accessory instead of just a boring safety measure.

The campaign has its own hashtag on Instagram –  #seatbeltb00bing –  where women are encouraged to upload selfies of them wearing the seat-belt and do that for a good cause, namely transform wearing a seat-belt into a cool trend for Romanian women.

The campaign already gathered over 300 photos on Instagram and it generated free media coverage of Euro 205,000, with #seatbeltb00bing covered in 63 articles from 4 countries, 2 TV stations and over 130,000 views on YouTube.

(turn video’s subtitles on for English subtitles)