Research:  Romanians – dependent on smartphones, remember the brands promoted on mobile

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Around 72% Romanian smartphone users remember the brands they’ve seen promoted in the mobile environment, according to a recent study made by the Romanian research specialist  iSense.Solutions.

According to “Connecting With Smartphone Users” study, the industries that had their commercials on mobile remember by consumers are classifieds websites (20%), tech brands (14%), telecom/internet (11%), clothing / shoes (8%), non-alcoholic drinks (5%) and retail (4%).

Among the commercials consumers remember to have seen on mobiles are the ones for OLX/Mercador (11%), Samsung (9%), (8%), Adidas (5%), Vodafone (5%), Orange (5%), Coca-Cola (4%), Apple (2%) and Nokia (2%).

Smartphones lead to the apparition of a new type of consumer, always connected to the information it needs. Brands’ interaction with the consumers via smartphones represent the strongest trend and the iSense.Solutions study showed that some brand already managed to have a good start in Romania

Traian Nastase,

Managing Partner iSense.Solutions.

The main ways used by brands to interact with Romanian smartphone users were banners on mobile websites (80%), ads in search results (75%), emails with commercial messages adapted for (75%), ads within apps (74%) and ads within videos (73%).

Romanians are dependent on their smartphones, so they get to use them also while doing other activities. For example, over 60% Romanians are using their smartphones when watching TV. In present, companies’ challenge is to understand where, when and how smartphones are used in order to communicate efficiently with their existent or potential clients

Andrei Canda,

Managing Partner iSense.Solutions.

“Connecting With Smartphone Users” analyzes in depth smartphones’ usage by Romanians and was made by iSense.Solutions in June 2014, on a sample of 1,000 respondents. 

iSense.Solutions – The Modern Consumer Company is specialized in research, marketing consultancy, digital and sales. It was founded by  Traian Nastase and Andrei Canda, specialists with over 10 years of experience in marketing research and also with solid academic experience