The Alternative School is going regional

Creativity, Marketing, Training

Wouldn’t be just great to have a context where to train your creative mind and soul three times per week at least, to get feedback from respected professionals, to compete and after 6 intensive weeks, to qualify for Eurobest and meet the creative community in Helsinki ?

The good news: there is such a context for you. It is called The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, a Creative MBA launched nine years ago in Bucharest. Due to his students and alumni’s constant success in Cannes, Eurobest and everywhere in between, The School program is going regional and invites all creative minds and souls of the Balcans to attend the on line school community.


The briefs are in English, so is the feedback and the content you receive from the teachers. There are 6 semester briefs and one that teams need to solve in a 24 hours competition. In the end, the best team that wins all 7 challenges will learn and study in Eurobest.

The participation fee is Euro 350 per team, if the students attend the on-line program and 500 E if they attend the classes in Bucharest.

For those willing to attend, but fear the budget’s absence, there is a brief for 3 scholarships for the entire scholar year (Eurobest and Cannes semesters) and 3 scholarships for the Eurobest semester, so there is no excuse to miss the program.

The deadline for the scholarship brief is 1st October. The work will be presented on Facebook (as instructed below) and on the magazine‘s on line gallery, so everyone could see it and have an opinion.

Age limit for those willing to compete at international level – 28 years old. There is no age limit for those interested to train their creative brain, get in touch with the latest trends and build a portfolio based on high level professional feedback. The project is recommended by Media Marketing and Ad Hugger.

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Here it is the brief:

Every major city has (at least) one ill-fated neighborhood: the one people are afraid to pass through, judge its inhabitants, has poor economy and where there’s nothing to do.

Challenge: pick such a neighborhood and propose a strategy with visual application (combining DESIGN, PR and DIGITAL) to change this mentality, shift the micro-economy, encourage small businesses, bring good vibes to the place changing its reputation and empower its people, according to the ethos of the place. (respect what makes the place particular and memorable)

Tone of voice: non-judgmental, non-discriminating, friendly, solar, encouraging


  1. Written rationale containing:
  • Definition of the problem
  • Campaign summary (250 words)
  • The insight (100 words)
  • How the visuals developed (100 words)
  • The novelty of the idea
  1. One-page Presentation board with 4 visuals (logo and applications / simulations) +  a short description of the idea (max. 100 words)

Working in teams is advised. Create your team’s Facebook page, upload your solution and send your link to Any other additional questions should be addressed to or School’s Facebook page is available here.