Romanian BRAT organizes free seminars for professionals from different industries


Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit (BRAT) started, on September 25th, a series of free seminaries dedicated to communication, marketing and branding specialists from different industries.

The first seminary organized was focused on “Techniques for using media research in marketing, branding and communication strategies for financial, banking and insurances sectors”

BRAT seminaries offer professional training regarding the usage of Bureau’s instruments in planning communication, marketing and branding strategies and the way they can be used to answer efficiently market’s needs.

The series of seminaries BRAT initiated aims to present, specifically and customized, the way SATI, SNA Focus and MIP services can be used to plan and evaluate campaigns and media products. Practically, we are explaining the instruments that BRAT offers to specialists for strategic planning and the way they can be used to answer in an efficient manner to the needs of the market. The focus is on utility, transparency, credibility, standardization, capacity to measure and efficiency

Arina Ureche,

General Manager BRAT.

BRAT’s seminaries last 4 hours on average, are free and those interested can apply for them, with the number of available places being limited. The next seminar is scheduled for October 16th and will be dedicated to the food section of FMCG sector. Other 2 seminaries are programmed for Cosmetics& beauty and communication sectors