SeniorHyper and Anim’est challenge Bucharest inhabitants to Occupy Magheru

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SeniorHyper and Anim’est continue this year also the partnership started 6 years ago and launch the first Facebook app dedicated to the festival


Occupy Magheru is the name of the app that can be accessed from Anim’est Facebook page between September 29th – October 12th. The users are challenged to join a beneficial protest for Bucharest, by planting a message to reanimate Magheru Boulevard in Bucharest.

The first step of the app encourages users to choose a sheep alter-ego and to entrust it the message and positioning on Magheru Boulevard. All entered messages can be seen within the app and, moreover, with Layar app, users that will go on the boulevard can see their messages and their alter-egos through augmented reality.


The teams involved in making the app are

  • Anim’est: Vlad Ilicevici (Executive Director Anim’est) and Laurentiu Bratan (President ESTENEST Association).
  • SeniorHyper: Vasile Alboiu (Creative Director), Alin Badiu (Art Director), Sorana Caracudovici (Copywriter), Christiana Zodila (Copywriter), Madalina Barbu (Senior Account Manager), Nicoleta Stanciu (Account Manager), Ionut Ciubotariu (Director of Operations), Alex Hertog (Project Manager), Stefan Zibilianu (Senior PHP/MySQL Developer), Cristian Popovici (PHP/MySQL Developer), Liviu Vasiliu (HTML Developer), Letitia Oana (PHP/MySQL Developer).