Conversion handled the digital for Romanian Depanero’s launch

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Conversion handled the online launch campaign for Depanero, the first Romanian company that offers guaranteed repair services for home appliances and electronics. The campaign comes after Depanero underwent a full rebranding and adopted a new name, after previously being active on the market as Servskills.

Conversion’s campaign aimed to promote Depanero services among internet users, a public permanently in contact with the transformations imposed by the large scale adoption of new tech. The exposure of the new brand was made on general interest websites – inclusively on their mobile versions – , on blogs, Google, YouTube and Facebook. Besides the standard communication, there were also implemented special display projects.

Considering the insight according to which Romanian inventiveness doesn’t know limits, the online communication campaign started with a teasing campaign on some of the most visited Romanian blogs, where readers were invited to tell how they tried to repair their appliances only with a wire. Within the revealing stage, the funniest stories were awarded electronics and appliances offered by Depanero and its partners. Moreover, the comments posted by visitors on the blogs involved in the campaign were branded in Depanero’s colors.

To generate interest and interaction with the brand, we applied pressure on the wound left open by the traditional all-knowing opinions of Romanians and everything turned into making fun of problems, in the typical Romanian spirit. This is how characters like the handyman, the all-knowing relative (….) got born, characters that all Romanians can find in while reading the comments of the blogs, in the predictions of the urban horoscope made by Mrs Stela, but also in the combinations worth Darwin prize made within the Facebook interactive quiz. The Facebook app puts users in common situations where they have to “pull it through”, exercising their handyman talent. Depending on the chosen option, the app generates a customized name associated with Depanero, making the service number *4114 easier to memorize in the personal agenda (…)

Mihai Caluseriu

Creative Director Conversion.

As part of the special display project, we used the bottom bar within the browser as a running area for the ostrich part of Depanero’s logo, showing as teasing the message “Save *4114”. Each click on the ostrich was sending the visitor on another site in the portfolio where another name was offered to save the phone number, a name generated depending of the type of shown website. after a 3 hops marathon, an over-layer with info about Depanero was opening, the moving character (…) attracting attention and increasing the curiosity of the visitors with its dynamism, speed and perseverance it was passing from one plan to another

Alexandra Enea

Digital Media Planner, Conversion.

With our promotional campaigns, we wanted to raise awareness over the dangers of improvised repairs and to offer people the alternative of a professional and safe repair service for electronics and appliances. We found in Conversion a professional and creative team, which immediately understood the specific of our service, selected the communication channels relevant for our target and developed a coherent strategy of media exposure. Moreover, the team came up with ingenious and funny media solutions, which to generate among the internet users the feeling of responsibility when it comes of domestic appliances, by choosing Depanero services

Catalin Carcu

Commercial Director, Depanero.


Depanero: Adrian Antohi – General Manager, Catalin Cârcu – Commercial Director, Carmen Slavu – Marketing Consultant.

Conversion: Mihai Călușeriu – Creative Director, Alexandra Enea – Digital Media Planner, Radu Ghițulescu – Performance Marketing, Noëla Zaharia – Content Management, Alin Banu & Florin Bostan – Graphic Design, Cornel Ghinea – Web Development.

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