The Global Awards World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising – celebrations in New York & Sydney

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The Global Awards competition for the World’s Best Healthcare Advertising & Wellness Advertising will celebrate the 20th year anniversary and honor the 2014 Global Award winners at awards ceremonies in New York and Sydney, with both celebrations to be held on November 13th. 

This year’s international celebrations commemorate 20 years of The Global Awards dedication to recognizing outstanding healthcare & wellness advertising from around the world. Dual celebrations will honor global award-winners creativity and offer an opportunity for the trophy-winning creative entries to be viewed and applauded (…) The Global Awards has set the standards for 20 years and continues to be the benchmark for healthcare communications by attracting and celebrating the industry’s most creative work.

Michael Demetriades,

Executive Director, Global Awards

All Global Award winners and attendees are invited to jet to the awards ceremony of their choice. Tickets for the New York Global Awards ceremony are $95.00 USD per person, while those for the ceremony in Australia are between $110.00-$140 AUD

Now in their 20th year, The Global Awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare and wellness communications on an international basis. The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, productions companies, and design studios that produce communication for medial, pharmaceutical, healthcare & wellness related products and services.