Bucharest Shopping app in a year: Over 13,000 users and 300 listed brands

Digital & Media, Social Media

A year after launch, Bucharest Shopping, a mobile app that set a new standard in communication on Romanian retail market, has over  13,000 users that get news from the over 300 listed brands.

Launched in November 2013 and available for free download in AppStore and Google Play, Bucharest Shooping aims to offer shopping fans constant access to complete info, updated in real time, about stores in Bucharest. Shortly after launch, the app became a leader on the local mobile marketing retail market, reuniting useful info on 48 stores in Bucharest accessible for over 13.000 users.

The number of users that chose Bucharest Shopping as a source of info on their favorite stores and of brands that use the app as communication tool can only make us happy. We are happy with the fact that Bucharest Shopping, a pioneer on the local mobile-marketing market, earned the trust of the shopping fans and stores that integrated the app in their communication strategy

Adi Popescu,

Initiator of Bucharest Shopping project