Brands&Bears signs Tazovsky’s promotional campaign for 2014 winter holidays


Tazovsky commissioned, this year, to Brands & Bears the task to handle the creative side of its winter holidays promotional campaign. This is the first time the 2 companies are working together.

As in any national promotional campaign, the main objectives were to attract attention over the promotion in store and to increase sales. All supported by a strong and easy to decline concept and very clear mechanics.

To create visibility among the crowd of promotions during winter holidays, “out of the box” awards, with relevance for the target, were needed and they also had to match the new ATL communication strategy, focusing on the relation between best friends.


This is how Tatiana appeared. Tatiana is “the best” Russian and makes to buyer’s best friend a customized video wish for winter holidays; the customer can send the video-wish over email or to post it over his best friends’ Facebook wall.

As an alternative to the stereotypical SMSes sent on winter holidays, “the best wish” is the guaranteed prize, won with just an SMS.

A video-wish tailored to each “best friend” was needed and that was no easy task, considering the estimated target for individual wishes. With an innovative filming method, Brands and Bears team and the video production studio managed to turn the idea into reality: Tatiana will call every “best friend” on his name, watch him into his eyes and melt his heart with the most sensual holidays wish.

The campaign is active until December 31st, with thousands of Romanians to receive customized dedications to warm their winter holiday.