GfK study: Half of Romanian capital’s inhabitans shop from malls

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GfK Romania made a consumption habits study investigating where Romanians are shopping for their clothes. Bucharest is the city with most malls and this kind of commercial center is preferred for clothes and shoes shopping by 45% of those who participated to the study.

The image is different in big cities, where less than 30% respondents are shopping clothes from malls, and in 200,000 inhabitants cities, where the clothes shopping is in specialized stores or from stands or general markets.

Malls are also excelling when it comes of buying frequency, with over 70% of those buying clothes at least once every 3 months buying from malls, while street stores have only 50% of their customers buying so often.

The frequent buyers are also the ones that buy clothes online, but online clothes sales are better represented in Bucharest compared to the rest of Romania – 11% of Bucharest inhabitants are saying they buy clothes online, compared to just 5% in the rest of the country

Iulia Pencea,

Group Account Manager GfK România.

Outlets are also among the stores most checked by Bucharest inhabitants, with 25% of them saying they shop at outlets selling famous brands.

The promotions are successful, with a third of respondents saying they wait for promotions period to buy clothes.

15% Romanians living in urban areas say they spent during the last month over RON 200, with the average raised by Bucharest, where 22% respondents say they surpass this value for the previous month.

Over a quarter Romanians buy clothes every 2-3 months, with most avid buyers being people aged 18-34 y.o.

The known brand are the main option when it comes of refreshing the clothes, both for young people and for the average age, with over 50% preferring to buy products from big brands’ chains

In Romania, H&M is the top most frequented brand store in Romania and Bucharest, with next in line being Kenvelo, Zara, C&A, Bershka, Pull&Bear, New Yorker, Stradivarius, Mango and Koton

The study was made by GfK Romania on a representative sample of 1,000 consumers from all over Romania, aged over 15 y.o.