2 Parale reached a milestone: 1M online sales worth Euro 43M

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The affiliate marketing network 2Parale started its activity in Romania in 2008 and expanded regionally in Bulgaria in 2011. In terms of sales, the company just reached its first million online sales, worth Euro 43M (RON 190M), and made on Romanian market starting 2009 until present.

Over the time, the highest sales were registered in areas like fashion, IT&C, books and toys. Since the start of the current year, the medium value of an online basket reached to Euro 45. The biggest sale made via 2Parale happened in 2014, on Black Friday, and it was of Euro 9,000.


This milestone of 1M sales proves that 2Parale is more than a business – it is a community, a marketing ecosystem oriented towards performance, in which advertisers and affiliates are working together in a transparent and 100% measurable environment. Moreover, even more motivating is the fact that we can see the impact that online promotion has in business or in economy – each of the 1M sales generated an activity and a revenue for a store, a courier service (automatically also for an auto dealer and an oil distributor), for a telecom company, for a bank or a payment processor. This is also the explanation for the reason why, in mid-crisis, we managed to grow so fast: the companies are investing more and more budgets in performance marketing (…) I am honored to be the first (in Romania – n.red.) to reach this milestone. I thank to affiliates, clients and, of course, to 2Parale’s team, they are the superheroes that made those results possible.

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Parale.

2Parale has in its portfolio over 400 clients and an affiliate community of over 38,000 members. Last year, 2Parale posted a business turnover of Euro 1.55M, up 40% compared to the previous year. Among 2Parale’s clients are companies and brands like Avon, Carrefour, Elefant.ro, evoMAG, F64, miniPRIX, Nemira, Regina Maria, TinaR and others.

2Parale is one of the top players on Romanian performance marketing market and has the biggest affiliation network in the country and one of the strongest teams offering performance marketing services (affiliation, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Youtube). 2Parale’s Pay Per Click division is Platinum Google Engage agency.