UPDATED: Romanian 2Parale becomes 2Performant Network


(adds info about the changes that happened after the company changed its name and juridical form)

Romanian 2Parale transformed into 2Performant Network starting April 7th 2015; in the same time, the company changed its juridical form, from LTD to share company. According to Dorin Boerescu, CEO of the company, the change is of form and not of essence, as “we remain the same team and the same shareholders, with the same objectives”.

Dorin Boerescu

We needed a new structure to better reflect the evolution of the company during the last few years. I will continue to be the most important shareholder of the company, the CEO and the sole administrator – I thank to my colleagues and shareholders for the effort they made during the last few years and trust they invested. We have growth plans for many years from now on (…)

Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Performant Network

Although the company changed its name, the affiliation network will keep operating under 2Parale brand and on 2Parale’s domain, with the team and shareholders also remaining the same.

The name and juridical changes were made due to the increased number of shareholders, company’s development and integration among shareholders of long-term partners and company’s employees. This way, the team including  Vlad Stanila (Affiliate Marketing Manager), Andreea Cimpoesu (Chief Operational Officer), Bogdan Aron (Product & Strategy Director) and Alexandru Lupu (Deputy Chief Technology Officer) became minority shareholders within the company, joining Cristian Ignat (Pay Per Click Marketing Manager and shareholder since 2013). The company plans to offer also to other employees packages of shares in the future.

In present, company’s management board includes Vladimir Oane, Sergiu Negut and Dorin Boerescu, which remains CEO and unique administrator of the company