Rogalski Damaschin handles online communication for Piraeus Bank Romania

Business, PR

Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations is handling, since April, the management of Piraeus Bank’s social media platforms in Romania.

The agency will insure the continuity of the communication processes on bank’s existent platform and will implement a strategy to bring Piraeus Bank’s values closer to its clients via social media. The collaboration between the bank and the PR agency aims to increase brand’s online visibility by creating integrated and relevant content on all company’s social media platforms.

For us, the collaboration with Rogalski Damaschin PR means passing to a new stage in which we want to develop and consolidate our online communication projects. With the proposed strategy, the agency showed us it understands the best our expectations and needs and we are happy to have close partners we share the same vision with

Alfred Borcan,

Marketing Director Piraeus Bank Romania.