Romanian health network’s “The best doctors” campaign brings real cases into the spot light


Romanian health network Regina Maria (Queen Mary) launched the campaign “The best doctors”, to thank all MDs that inspire and save lives. The campaign is based on real cases of patients treated by the network, which were presented in 3 video ads, showing this way the work of good doctors which treat and give correct diagnose.

The communication concept of the campaign is “The work of a good doctor doesn’t leave traces”, and all the 3 TVCs are based on real cases the doctors of the network faced over the time: a hand saved through an intra-uterine intervention, a perfect knee after an artificial meniscus implant and a kid that underwent surgery on the second day after birth and who can now enjoy his childhood.

We were inspired, for this campaign, by the special and emotional cases we see every day in our hospitals and clinics and that our doctors are solving successfully. The 3 ads are showing, in a creative manner, the casuistic we have, and, this way, we wanted to thank the doctors for the passion they show on daily basis during their mission to save lifes. We are honored by the fact we are the private hospital with the best doctors, a thing confirmed also by the market researches. Innovation, recruiting the best doctors in our team, the impeccable services and care for the patient represent the main strong points of our brand

Greta Redeleanu,

Marketing Director Regina Maria

Campaign’s TVCs are broadcasted on the main Romanian TV stations, on online portals, on Regina Maria’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.