Romanian Propaganda promotes Raureni’s marmalades with a sweet communication campaign

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Romanian advertising agency Propaganda launched a new communication campaign for Raureni marmalades, campaign that doesn’t only mentions the qualities of the jams, but also offers a visual hint on their sweetness hinting to the “secret ingredient”

Raureni 1

We stopped to the idea with the secret ingredient because it seemed simple, clear and beautiful to us and because it allowed us to explore a certain visual lust the marmalade has. We admit it, we wanted to make people crave it

Vlad Tomei,

Senior Copywriter.

From the very beginning, we decided that we need a simple idea and that we needed to focus on the execution. Meaning on what’s seen on the screen. Because, especially when it comes of food, the secret ingredient of any commercial is the quality of production and, more than that, the quality of the images with the product itself. We are happy the client agreed with us, investing budgets, time and openness. We are looking anxiously for the results

Dinu Panescu,

Creative Director Propaganda.

Raureni 2

Raureni marmalades are available in Romanian stores in 14 assortments, all delicate and perfumed, based on selected and well ripped fruits and fine sugar.


Raureni doesn’t represent just a part of Propaganda’s portfolio for over 5 years, but it is also one of the clients closest to our hearts, because they trusted us to build together, side by side, even since the first communication for the brand. We thank them and we are happy we were close in all this effort to build a successful Romanian brand, with the most recent project being communicating Raureni marmalades, which started from the “secret ingredient” of Raureni products

Svetlana Bulacu,

Managing Partner Propaganda.

The communication campaign was declined on TV, with a TVC.

Campaign credits:

  • Propaganda: Mihaela Giurcă – Client Service Director, Andreea Butnaru – Senior Account Manager, Corina Anghel – Strategic Planning Director, Diana Caracota – Strategic Planner , Dinu Panescu – Creative Director, Alex Macsoda – Senior Art Director, Vlad Tomei – Senior Copywriter, Marcela Moldovan –  A/V Producer, Andrei Tudorache | Media Planner
  • Raureni: Adrian Marinoiu – Marketing Director


Founded in 2002, Propaganda is an independent Romanian advertising agency offering to its clients integrated communication services, from brand strategy and creation to production and development / implementation. The agency was awarded over the time more than 60 awards in national and international festivals, among which 13 are Effie awards.