1M Romanian Facebook users followed Special Olympics Romania campaign

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1M Romanians supported Special Olympics Romania at the Summer Special Olympics Los Angeles (July 25th – August 2nd) and followed campaign’s posts.


“Donate a fan” campaign reunited 38 Romanian athletes in the attempt to solve the need of awareness for the BGO and its initiatives and to offer Special Olympics athletes the support and attention they deserve and direly need.

The campaign proposed to professional athletes to “donate fans” by creating a short movie, nominating 2 known sports practicians and upload the movie on the personal Facebook page / profile, along with a link towards campaign’s app.


Campaign’s Facebook app was created by CohnandJansen JWT and Atelieru.ro and gathered together all the movies, offering to the supporters the chance to join the cause. As a result, the number of Special Olympics community members increased 150% in a month, from 4,200 fans initially to 10,200 at the end of the campaign.

It is pretty flattering to see how an idea gathers around it so much positive energy. Especially when the concept was with and about people and nothing more. To make it short, the athletes said “Yes”, people reacted and the case of those from Special Olympics suddenly became visible

Alexandra Manoila,

Copywriter CohnandJansen JWT.


Our campaign put into the spotlight the need of those from Special Olympics Romania to be visible, to make themselves heard. More than gathering financial donation (the usual practice during social campaigns), we wanted to gather fans, supporters to be by our athletes side and to encourage them

Monica Radulescu,

Head of Digital & Senior Strategic Planner CohnandJansen JWT.

Besides the increase in number of fans, Special Olympics Romania’s Facebook page also had a high engagement rate during the campaign. In total, the page reached a total of 72.743 engaged users during the campaign and received interactions also from 62,000 users who weren’t fans of the community. In terms of interactions, the total interactions number was of 194,000 or 8,075 per day.

The 1M Romanian Facebook users reach was 65% organic and 35% gathered by targeted ads campaigns.nadia cu lotul 1

All in all, the campaign had, from an organic point of view, extraordinary results. The engagement rate, the total number of interactions and page’s reach (…) during the campaign describe very clear how well it evolved from organic point of view the content published on Special Olympics’ Facebook page. Qualitative content, very appreciated by FB users, which became viral. During the campaign, the page (…) had a 6.32% virality rate, if it is to consider that 85% FB pages in the world have a virality rate between 0 adn 5%

Vlad Paun,

CTO Atelieru.ro.

nadia cu lotul 2

Special Olympics athletes are training and participating to competitions. They are mainly competing with themselves and than with other athletes with similar abilities. And they wish to be encourage by the public and applauded for their performances, same as any other athlete. “Donate a fan” campaign attracted for the first time a big number of supporters for our athletes. And the big athletes of Romania showed us they understand them and appreciate them for their effort, and, through own example, brought in social media tribunes tens of thousands of fans for our athletes. The performance of the campaign is the big prize for us, our athletes and our trainers, which are now more known than 4 weeks ago. we thank to all that made possible this pro-bono campaign

Cristian Ispas,  

National Director Special Olympics Romania.

The list of athletes who joined Special Olympics Romania’s cause included: Nadia Comaneci, Andreea Raducan, Marian Dragulescu, Simona Amanar, Gabriela Szabo, Ianis Zicu, National Fighting Team, Miodrag Belodedici, Elisabeta Lipa, Ana Maria Branza, Alin Moldoveanu, Alina Dumitru, Laura Badea, Leornard Doroftei, Cristina Varzaru, Larisa Iordache, Suzana Seicariu, Alex Gavan, Andrei Rosu, Cristina Neagu, Stefania Priceputu, Gabriel Solomon, Alin Alexuc, Andreea Chitu, Silvia Stroescu, Delia Georgescu, George Balta, Cristian Mihalache, Toma Coconea, Iulian Panait, Horia Colibasanu, Roxana Lupu, Catalina Ponor and others.

The campaign received support via Romanian blogs and Facebook pages from bloggers like Sabina Cornovac, Sorin Chineata, Florin Chindrea, Adela Dan, Cristian Manafu, Toma Nicolau, Alin Pandaru  and Sorin Rusi.

  • CohnandJansen JWT : Adrian Marciu – Art Director, Alexandra Manoila – Copywriter, Iulia Niculae – Account Director, Alex Negoescu – Group Creative Director, Monica Radulescu – Head of Digital & Strategic Planner.
  • Atelieru.ro: Cristina Bara – Senior Web Developer, Robert Capraru – Digital Art Director, Cosmin Ionut – Online Project Manager, Vlad Paun  – CTO.
  • Special Olympics Romania: Emilia Ispas – Program Director & Alina Coman – Development Officer.

Special Olympics Romania delegation came back from Los Angeles with impressive results: 7 Gold medals, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze. The accolades were achieved in gymnastics, bocce, table tennis and swimming .