CEZ celebrates 10 years in Romania with a campaign signed by Rogalski Damaschin

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To celebrate its first 10 years on Romanian market, CEZ Group launched a communication campaign inspired by reality, aiming to unveil to the public the values and credo it promotes for a decade. Under the slogan “The energy comes from people”, the campaign is developed around 3 representative stories for company’s activity in Romania. Company’s heroes are unknown to the large public, but they do always work with professionalism and, sometimes, with sacrifices in order for people to always have access to electricity.

The campaign, signed by Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations, starts from the experiences of CEZ Romania’s employees, as narrated by 3 Romanian personalities who are pioneers in their activity fields: Dumitru Prunariu – the only Romanian astronaut, Constantin (Ticu) Lacatusu – the first Romanian who climbed Everest and Ilie Balaci– a legend of Romanian football.

During the last few years I visited many CEZ work-centers, many intervention centers, transformation stations (…) I understood the specific of the daily work people have and, more than anything, I found out their absolutely special stories, narrated with a lot of passion and professional pride: people who motivated so many teams during emergency situations, like a football trainer during an entire life, who climbed as many electric poles that they could’ve conquer Everest or that could’ve go around the Earth on cables. These stories became the inspiration and the most normal start point when we started to develop the first image campaign for CEZ. A campaign about the power of content and authenticity that we are proud to unveil step by step

Alina Damaschin,

Head of Consumer PR & Creative Leader Rogalski Damaschin PR


The campaign includes 3 TV ads (filmed and directed by StudioSet team, with Anton Groves – Director, Radu Fulga – image director and Sorin Baican – producer), OOH, online, social media and internal communication