Romanian Pegas launched The War of Spokes – Episode 1

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Romanian Pegas launched The War of Spokes – Episode 1, a campaign aiming to encourage urban cycling in Romania. The campaign was launched by Pegas on November 23rd and is aimed to support the responsible attitude of bicyclists within the urban traffic.

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According to a recent study made by European Federation of Bicyclists, in Romania, around 70% of the fatal accidents in which bicyclists are involved take place in urban areas.

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In order to prevent the accidents, Pegas encourages the bicyclists to respect the traffic rules and be more careful in traffic. Considering the lack of a proper infrastructure, bicyclists’ precaution on the roads is the only solution that can help decrease the number of the accidents and improve the tense relation between bicyclists and car drivers.

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On the website, Pegas illustrates the two types of bicyclists within the urban traffic, namely those who respect the rules and those who ignore them.

In this context, the new campaign aims to highlight the most risky situations for bicyclists: intersections coordinated with lights and those without lights, driving in the wrong direction, pedestrian crossings and aggressiveness towards the traffic partners. The visitors are invited to chose their side and watch two movies presenting moments bicyclists are living every day.

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We want to spark a debate among the bicyclists’ community related to the dangers they are facing within the urban traffic. We chose to do that in an amusing and non-intrusive way, allowing them to choose their side. We don’t want to give lessons, but only to urge to some moments of reflections, as we are noticing the bicycle becomes more and more present in our daily lives

Andrei Botescu

General Manager Pegas

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The campaign was produced by Diud, directed by Andrei Gheorghe and edited by Ciprian Frunzeanu. The actors starring in the clips are Radu Dima and Stefan Trifan, with special thanks to Florin Babei.