Romanian Grapefruit starts 2016 with a new General Manager and a business reorientation

Business, Digital & Media, Mobile

Romanian Grapefruit, digital user experience agency, started 2016 with 2 important changes: the appointment of a new General Manager – Georgiana Dragomir – and a reorientation of business exclusively towards digital and mobile area.

The appointment of Georgiana Dragomir as General Manager follows changes in agency’s shareholders structure. In present, Marius Ursache owns 60% of agency’s shares, while Georgiana Dragomir has 40%.

Dragomir works for Grapefruit for 8 years; she started as project manager for clients like Dacia, Renault, Philip Morris, NNDKP, Alevia, OTP Bank and took over, during the last few years, also some of the responsibilities related to financials, recruiting, administration, management and so on.

Georgiana Dragomir

If we reached a turnover of circa € 400.000 and a profit of 15% in 2015, up compared to previous years, we aim, in 2016, for a turnover of €550.000 and a profit up to 20%

Georgiana Dragomir

Previously, Grapefruit was offering a large range of services, from branding to brand strategy and communication campaigns. Starting this year, Grapefruit orientates its services exclusively towards digital and mobile services, but also towards new tech, as VR and AR.

Besides a new business strategy, Grapefruit has also a refreshed team, with no less than 7 people recruited in the end of last year.

Among the new clients Grapefruit added to its portfolio in 2015 is Nestle; this adds to long term collaborations with companies like Dacia. Agency’s portfolio included, over time, clients likeAntibiotice, Banca Transilvania, Dacia, Philip Morris, Heidi, NNDKP, OTP Bank, Pepsi Americas, Renault, Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii, Salofarm.