Cristian Ignat (Canopy) @ #MobileAdvertisingCongress: Mobile advertising, the biggest challenge of the online marketers nowadays

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Cristian Ignat, Chief Canopyst @ Canopy is one of the speakers at this year’s edition of the Romanian Mobile Advertising Congress, an event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on June 7th and organized by Marketing Insiders Group.

As the focus of the event is the area of mobile advertising, AdHugger sought to see speakers’ opinions on this sector.

AdHugger:  What do you think about mobile advertising?


Cristian Ignat:

I dare to say that mobile advertising is the biggest challenge of the online marketers nowadays. People consume very much mobile, they have a personal relationship with this device, so, for a brand is a real challenge to find the right message and approach to attract the consumers, to interact and to make them buy or convert in general. For a smart marketer is an opportunity to differentiate your brand and messages from the ones of your competitors and to develop a strong relation with your target.

AdH: In your opinion, how did the mobile advertising influence, during the last few years, the industry you are active in?

Cristian Ignat:

Nowadays, the people use the mobile devices in places where they are not able to use desktop & laptops, so internet consumption is increasing with the help of mobile. And this is a great trend and growth opportunity for a business. For some of my clients I saw how the traffic from mobile grew from 15% to over 60%. As a marketer, you need to develop special strategies for the mobile devices, you have to allocate different budgets. You need to adapt your website for mobile, you have to find different approaches for advertising, to track them differently and so on.

AdH:  How does mobile advertising influence your personally when using mobile devices?

Cristian Ignat:

I am a heavy user of the smartphone. Because advertising now is so targeted I receive ads highly relevant to me and I constantly recommend products using mobile. Also, I buy online a lot through my mobile.

Cristian Ignat, Chief Canopyst at Canopy, lives and breathes online marketing, with focus on Pay Per Click. With over 10 years of experience, he is dedicated to developing strategies which substantially grow revenue and profit for its clients. Over the years, he managed to generate great results for top brands, lead generation and e-commerces from UK, US, Australia and Romania.

Mobile Advertising Congress is an event organized by Marketing Insiders Group and, this year, will hold its 8th edition on June 7th, at Grand Hotel Marriott in Bucharest. The event helps business owners and managers to improve their business by sharing the expertise in the field from a range of experienced speakers. To put it in the context, the event comes to cover the need of info by debating the new challenges and possible solutions, share case studies and offer new opportunities of development to the participants, as it is a known fact that mobile advertising consumption is growing and consumers continue to want to have the last decision on which screen they prefer to watch advertising on. For today’s marketers, translating their brand storytelling across devices must address all age categories, from 0+, moving forward to iGen (millennials), adults and seniors, each of them with specific behavior and characteristics.

Some of the topics to be covered during the event are must-do mobile growth strategies, challenges of age targeted mobile campaign, relevant experiences – the new mobile status, how to improve mobile marketing experience through content marketing, profiling – or how technology is about psychology, the supremacy of accurate data on mobile. More information regarding the event and its speakers are available here.