Teo Migdalovici @ #MobileAdvertisingCongress:  Living several lives at once and being potentially independent from any geographical restriction is the mobile’s generous gift to my generation

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Teodora Migdalovici, Ambassador Cannes Lions in Romania, is one of the speakers at this year’s edition of the Romanian Mobile Advertising Congress, an event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on June 7th and organized by Marketing Insiders Group.

As the focus of the event is the area of mobile advertising, AdHugger sought to see speakers’ opinions on this sector.

AdHugger: What do you think about mobile advertising?

 Teodora Migdalovici

Teo Migdalovici

The mobile is so much awn extension of our lives, that it became part portable – personal memory, sort of an additional brain, a guide, a protector and a life enabler. Mobile technologies and the way they rewire our actions, relationships and behaviours are, all, at the base of a new kind of human, who embeds cyber tools in its on flesh and blood.

Futurologists call this phenomenon the singularity, describing the moment when mankind and useful technologies are physically one. Apparently we are less than 30 years away from this moment. Until then, mobile has the potential to fill in the gaps successfully.

AdH: In your opinion, how did the mobile advertising influence, during the last few years, the industry you are active in?

Teo Migdalovici:

Mobile democratized communication and transformed brands into useful catalysts for the evolution of society.

It proved that “the brand to person” communication is perfectly doable.  It helped brands become activists and facilitators for business but also for people’s better life. This had positive consequences not only on the society dynamics, on the new kind of economy, but also on the brand’s structure, increasing its credibility.

It also helped brands evolve from talking to doing, from passive to active. Mobile transformed the Utopian thinking behind the “win-win-win” formula into a tangible reality.

AdH: How does mobile advertising influence you personally, when using mobile devices?

Teo Migdalovici:

Is it anything I can do efficiently in my life without a smartphone and Wi-Fi at my reach? The answer is simple: no. Thanks to a digitalized life, I could travel over 100000 km last year, delivering trainings abroad, coordinating the projects back home, organising future conferences from a distance, all at such a natural pace. Living several lives at once and being potentially independent from any geographical restriction is the mobile’s generous gift to my generation.

Teo is an international public speaker and trainer and has attended, over the past 15 years, major international events related to the marketing and communication industry, with remarkable results. As Cannes Lions Ambassador in Romania, Teo was, throughout the past decade, one of the most dedicated supporters of the Eastern European creativity, motivating, training and reshaping the industry.

Teo is also the founder of the creative MBA program The Alternative School, the most awarded instance dedicated to creative education in Central and Eastern Europe which, through its students and alumni, won all the relevant prizes at Cannes Lions and Eurobest throughout ten years. Also, the school has specialized over 300 people at the Lions Festivals, with many of them working now in trending international agencies.



Mobile Advertising Congress is an event organized by Marketing Insiders Group and, this year, will hold its 8th edition on June 7th, at Grand Hotel Marriott in Bucharest. The event helps business owners and managers to improve their business by sharing the expertise in the field from a range of experienced speakers. To put it in the context, the event comes to cover the need of info by debating the new challenges and possible solutions, share case studies and offer new opportunities of development to the participants, as it is a known fact that mobile advertising consumption is growing and consumers continue to want to have the last decision on which screen they prefer to watch advertising on. For today’s marketers, translating their brand storytelling across devices must address all age categories, from 0+, moving forward to iGen (millennials), adults and seniors, each of them with specific behavior and characteristics.

Some of the topics to be covered during the event are must-do mobile growth strategies, challenges of age targeted mobile campaign, relevant experiences – the new mobile status, how to improve mobile marketing experience through content marketing, profiling – or how technology is about psychology, the supremacy of accurate data on mobile. More information regarding the event and its speakers are available here.