DDB Stockholm and Samsung came up with LANdry, e-sport gaming arena where one pays for time with dirty laundry

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Getting teenagers to help out at home has been proven increasingly difficult, and the constant access to games, social media and digital entertainment doesn’t make it any easier. Using new technology, Samsung and DDB Stockholm set out to see if they could reverse the trend and get teens to do more housework, the fun way. The result is LANdry – a laundromat where you can game, as long as you wash.  


LANdry featured Samsung’s new washing machine AddWash, which can be connected to your phone, making it possible to not only monitor the laundry process but also to control it. Each gaming station at LANdry was equipped with a Galaxy S7, letting gamers monitor the wash program in realtime whilst playing. On the phone you could check your remaining game time as well as receive notifications when the wash cycle was done. The AddWash also features an extra door, letting you add a wash in the middle of a cycle. LANdry visitors could pause and add any missed items, and then continue gaming.LANdry-26

Martin Runfors, creative at DDB Stockholm:

We all know teens don’t like chores. We also know parents don’t like it when their kids play games instead of helping out at home when asked to. This is an experiment to try to create a win-win situation.


Samsung is constantly exploring how technology can make everyday life easier. Housework in particular could use some motivational tools, especially in families with teenagers since the time teens spend on housework today is at an all time low. That’s why Samsung set up LANdry, a laundromat where you bring your dirty laundry and trade it for game time. Wash for one hour, play for one hour.


Adam Fors, Nordic Marketing Director Samsung:

New technology enables improvements to your everyday life, and now more than ever when even white goods are connected. LANdry is an experiment to see how innovative technology can be used in a both entertaining and helpful way, turning game time into housework for your kids, or yourself. (…) Following the launch in Stockholm, Sweden, we are evaluating the possibilities of taking the concept further.


LANdry was set up temporarily in central Stockholm, Sweden and opened on May 23rd 2016 .

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Client: Samsung Nordic

  • Marketing Director: Adam Fors
  • Consumer Experience Lead CE: Julia Sjöberg

Agency: DDB Stockholm

  • Creatives: Martin Runfors, Dennis Phang, Joel Ekstrand, Nick Christiansen
  • Account Manager: Ulrica Carlsson
  • Account Director: Christian Westelindh
  • Business Director: Jacob Sandström
  • Graphic Designer: Andreas Bengtsson
  • Special Ops: Daniel Israeli
  • Agency Producer: Per Welén

Production Company: Camp David

  • Director: Stina Lütz
  • DoP: Erik Persson
  • Producer: Lars Nordenson
  • Music: Henning Fürst
  • Sound: Mediamonks / Martin Dahl

Post Production: Mediamonks, House