Romanian Infinit Solutions expands to Netherlands, starts rebranding

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Romanian Infinit Solutions announced the opening of its first office abroad, in Netherlands, putting this way in motion its international expansion plan.

One of the biggest digital agencies in Romania during the last 5 years (according to Romanian rankings), Infinit becomes now a multinational agency with the opening of its new office in Rotterdam.

The expansion in Netherlands is an organic one, as the agency services successfully for years brands and companies from all over the world. Other 3 key areas in Europe and Middle East will follow as part of the expansion plan,

I hope the expansion of our Romanian group towards other regions will show what Romanians can actually do and that we have a lot of things we can take pride in outside the country. These are the things we are leaving for the next generation so, in our opinion, they are the most important.

Alexandru Cernatescu

Group CEO & Co-Founder Infinit Agency

In the same time with the start of the expansion process, Infinit Solutions Agency also undergoes a rebranding to become simply Infinit Agency. The new visual identity is based on agency’s vision, and the new logo, inspired by the Northern Star, manages to relay the vision and a fresh vibe to inspire the team and partners.