Gorillaz and Telekom Electronic Beats launched a mixed reality app

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Gorillaz launched, on April 11th April 2017, a groundbreaking mixed-reality app, which comes ahead of highly anticipated new album ‘Humanz’, to be released by Parlophone Records on 28th April.

Pushing the boundaries of mobile technology, the Gorillaz App will allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of Gorillaz and join Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle at home for the very first time.

To celebrate the release of the new album, fans will be invited – via the app – to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event, which will allow fans to hear the new album in full for the first time. The Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo specific listening experience, bringing people together across 500 locations from Tokyo to Santiago.

Developed by Gorillaz and B-Reel with support from Deutsche Telekom, the fully immersive mixed-reality app is a unique blend of real world, AR, VR and 360 environments.

The innovative new application showcases both Telekom’s leadership in these new types of technologies and the potential of its network to create exciting new shared experiences for users wherever they are. Working in close collaboration with Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, B-Reel has implemented Hewlett’s iconic style into the design of the app in ways that are both completely fresh and technologically pioneering, using the technology in a narrative context for the very first time.

Through the app, fans can navigate a wealth of exclusive content. Users will also be encouraged to explore the Gorillaz House through a bespoke Augmented Reality menu. A whole host of exciting interactions with 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel will feature in the user driven app, which fans can capture and share with others.

Davor Krvavac, Executive Creative Director B-Reel:

Fans can now go through the looking glass, giving them a unique, voyeuristic viewpoint on their world. As last year’s Pokemon craze has taught us, people are increasingly excited and intrigued about experiences that mix reality and fiction – something that has always been part of the way the Gorillaz story has been told.

Following the launch, the app will be updated with fresh content. Once new parts of the story are added, users will receive notifications to ensure they don’t miss out.

As well as mobile phone users, those with access to a Google Cardboard headset are able to enjoy a VR mode that allows users to get even closer to the completely re-imagined world of Gorillaz.

The cross-platform app leverages a smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to give users a freedom of exploration that’s entirely natural, triggered by physical interaction with their device. By allowing users to explore the world of Gorillaz in full 360, a layer of immersive storytelling is unlocked that regular 2D content cannot achieve. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices

B-Reel is a global, full-service creative agency, made up of a network of makers, storytellers and technologists creating unexpected ways to connect brands and audiences. With production in its roots, B-Reel translates boundary-pushing technology and innovative marketing into business solutions for modern brands including Google, Facebook, American Express, MTV, Nike, H&M, and M.A.C. B-Reel has offices in Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

Gorillaz is singer 2D, bassist Murdoc Niccals, guitarist Noodle and drummer Russel Hobbs. Created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, their acclaimed eponymous debut album was released in 2001. The BRIT and Grammy Award winning band’s subsequent albums are Demon Days (2005), Plastic Beach (2010) and The Fall (2011). A truly global phenomenon, Gorillaz have topped charts around the world and toured the globe from San Diego to Syria,  picking up hundreds of millions of streams and record sales along the way. Gorillaz have achieved success in entirely ground-breaking ways, winning numerous awards including the coveted Jim Henson Creativity Honor and are recognised by The Guinness Book Of World Records as the planet’s Most Successful Virtual Act.


Telekom Electronic Beats is one of the world’s most established music and lifestyle content marketing programs, encompassing a range of products and services as well as award winning content and events. Over the last 17 years Telekom Electronic Beats has created a universe of music experiences via a diverse range of channels, with electronicbeats.net  as its central hub. Whilst the program was initially centered around music marketing, Telekom Electronic Beats now embraces the strong connection between music and other lifestyle areas such as design, tech, fashion and art. Telekom Electronic Beats have worked with some of the biggest names in contemporary music from Grace Jones and Depeche Mode through to Moderat as well as championing new up and coming artists such as Ry X.