Virgin Radio and McCann Worldgroup Romania launched Play It Safe campaign

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Virgin Radio and McCann Worldgroup Romania launched Play It Safe, a project aimed to raise awareness over the consequences young people are exposing themselves to when listening to music to max volume in their headphones. If the sound in headphones is constantly too loud, the hearing is in danger, as specialists warn, causing unpleasant sensations and even turning deaf.

We started from a worrisome statistics from WHO according to which half of young people aged 12-35 y.o. are exposing to a very dangerous level of sound which starts right from their devices. And we considered how to do something so these people get aware that they can have serious problems at some point because of that. That is why we looked for a solution to find out how the music should be listened in a correct manner. And that is how Play It Safe project appeared

Alex Vasile,

McCann Worldgroup Romania

Play it Safe isn’t just a simple recommendation, but an innovative concept that brings things one step forward and makes people experience on themselves the consequences of an unhealthy habit. With an innovation in terms of broadcasting, all people accessing and turning the volume over the safety limit live for a few seconds the symptoms of the most known affections of the ear.

Play It Safe project was supported on with customized warning messages with help from Romanian and international artists that helped the campaign – Armin van Buuren, Starley, Cazzette, Markus Schulz, The Motans or Inna. Those who listened music in a safe way were rewarded with t-shirts, headphones, speakers or a visit to Virgin Radio Romania studio.