Impact Radius’ new Dynamic Payouts, to help marketers to pay for value in influencer marketing campaigns

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Impact Radius, a natively-integrated suite of products for performance partnership marketing, ad fraud detection, media attribution and analytics, announced a key update to its Partner Manager Suite called Dynamic Payouts. This new feature enables marketers to designate payouts in line with the specific value they want partners to drive. In turn, this produces stronger growth and increased efficiency, as marketers can tap into the true value of each partner relationship.

With the rise of so many unique partnerships among content partners, including influencers, advertisers need the ability to structure different types of deals from how traditional affiliates are compensated. Sometimes an influencer who played a role in a consumer’s purchase decision was at the “top of the funnel” and doesn’t receive credit for their role in the sales conversion. Dynamic Payouts enables users of the Impact Radius platform to more equitably account for partners that influenced and contributed to a sale, but didn’t actually close it.

What value means for one brand is often different from what it means for another (…) Dynamic Payouts is a smarter way to compensate partners, enabling advertisers to pay for what they value most, which is the spirit of performance-based relationships. Advertisers will now be able to compensate their partners in a fair and transparent way while maximizing value to their brand.

Todd Crawford,

Co-Founder & VP of Strategic Initiatives Impact Radius

Partner Manager is Impact Radius’ offering that manages all performance marketing relationships. Dynamic Payouts is an update to Partner Manager’s Insertion Contracting capability, and enables users of Impact Radius’ Partner Manager Suite to more equitably account for partners that influenced and contributed towards sales of goods or services. Impact Radius has significantly improved the process of payouts by allowing users to set payouts based on more than 100 factors, such as customer status, margin, or the partner’s position in a conversion path which, in turn, incentivizes partners to drive higher-value sales.

“I think this release is going to change the affiliate industry, opening the door to traditional influencers who shy away from affiliate marketing because of the traditional last click model.  There is a huge opportunity in the affiliate space to grow relationships with influencers, and this release will help us set up rules to ensure top-of-funnel partners are paid out correctly and fairly,” said Cori Pivar, Associate Director, Rise Interactive, whose clients on the Impact Radius platform include Atkins, eFollett, Harry’s, RCN and more.

“The new IO system from Impact Radius will allow us to look at partnerships in ways we have never done before,” said Mike Currey, Affiliate Manager, T-Mobile.

Impact Radius is transforming the way advertisers handle media and performance marketing partnerships. Its natively integrated suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global marketing spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey – including all marketing touch points, from initial ad impression through acquisition, and across all devices and channels. Through advanced analytics, automation of critical marketing workflows, real-time fraud protection and delivery of actionable insights, Impact Radius is raising marketing investment confidence to a new level. Impact Radius drives revenue growth for global companies such as Advance Auto Parts, Cabela’s, Getty Images, Lenovo, Shutterstock, Ticketmaster, and 1-800-Flowers. Impact Radius proudly employs more than 300 people across seven offices worldwide.